Hackers Find New Exploits in Newer Technology

Hackers Find New Exploits in Newer Technology

A security company in San Francisco, discovered that they could hack into one of the top-selling Internet ready HDTV model’s with ease. The report is available here: mocana.com
They discovered an exploit in the software that displays web pages on the TV and took advantage of that leak to control the information that is being inputted into the TV. They can put a forged web page for a site similar to Amazon and request credit card information for a sale on the site. They are also able to view the data that is being sent from the TV to the sites.

The companies that are making these types of electronics are rushing to connect their products to the Internet. They haven’t thought about all the different types of security issues that could arise from the rush of getting a product out.

Many security technology companies promote devices that will protect these companies from these types of potential threats. Security experts fore warned companies of Internet smart phones, televisions, and other popular products that are Internet ready. They fear that these types of gadgets will bring in a new era of security threats that hackers will easily expose.

As these products become more popular in today’s environment, consumers should expect to see similar scams related to credit card information thefts. Along with newer types of scams that could cause lots of harm to the average consumer. Since these types of gadgets are new to the marketplace, they do not have as much protection as computers do.

There is a huge shift in technology from using regular desktop computers, to those types of mobile gadgets and Internet ready electronics. This will trigger a change in where the hacking community will target their victims.

To stop these new security holes, there have been security companies who have been pushing to develop new types of protection software. They have been helping promote items such as fingerprint scanners to facial recognition on these devices. Also, they have been coming out with tools that can freeze the data if some type of security threat is reported. Another feature of security can be used if someone logs into a computer from a certain location that isn’t the primary location. The administrator would have to notify the system or network of a location change within a 24 hour period. Within that period of change, the application would stop this intrusion and will ask security questions.

Smart phones have been in a hurry to supply consumers with the option to accept many different types of applications. Some companies have a review process where they scan newly developed applications for malicious software. Since the volume of applications created has highly increased, it has been difficult to catch every bad act of a hacker.

Security companies have repeatedly warned consumers that hackers have started to infiltrate the application stores. These types of hackers have figured out ways to steal passwords and make highly expensive phone calls. The more web-enabled gadgets that hit the market without researching it’s security flaws, the more of an immediate threat hackers will have on consumers.


Internet HDTV’s & web devices need better security to avoid hacking