Defending and attacking tips in Bullet force

Defending and attacking tips in Bullet force

Bullet Force is an action game which will require you to use several weapons and in this article, some of the attacking and defending tips are mentioned that will help you to stay longer in this game.

Always have the best weapon with you. The moment you are collecting the right or sufficient amount of silver make sure you are purchasing the weapons one by one. Every weapon has its own special trait that will help you to easily kill your enemy. Weapons should be chosen according to your gaming situation and your skills.

A weapon without a scope is useless in a game which is action oriented. If a player is shooting at you then you will be needing a perfect scope for killing them instantly. Body shots and headshots efficiency can be increased by using the scopes. Take scopes with better range.

Headshots will help you to earn more points because it performs an instant kill. If you are unable to perform the headshot make sure you’re using your scope and aiming at their neck for kneeling them down and then perform the head shot.

If you are having a weapon that requires a lot of recoiling then make sure that you are recoiling it frequently at a place that is covered. There are several techniques which you can use for recoiling your weapon quickly.

There are several throwables which most of the people don’t get to have as some of them are grenades or knife. These two are very important for defending yourself if your weapon is not efficient to kill the enemy.

The grenades will help you to perform mass killing or kill the enemies when you are unable to locate the position. As it will not require you to do excellent aiming, all you have to do is throw it to a place.

If your weapon is not loaded then you can also use the knife properly for killing your enemy instantly.

It is advised to play with the teammates in order to learn more about the map, side routes and the places where you can find maximum enemies.

Never play alone because if you are getting yourself detached from your team then chances of getting killed are high. So always have another player with yourself who can cover for you.

If you can notice that a white light is emitting from a weapon then make sure you are maintaining a distance and moving at a different position because it will indicate that your enemy is having an excellent weapon that can kill you instantly. So running towards same or standing still will be the two mistakes that you should avoid during this time.

Several types of Bullet Force hack ios are available in the market that will help you to easily proceed in this game. You can easily get enough resources that will help you to purchase more advanced weapons. Do not spend the resources unnecessarily. Have a strategy if you want to win this game.