Defending and attacking tips in Bullet force

Bullet Force is an action game which will require you to use several weapons and in this article, some of the attacking and defending tips are mentioned that will help you to stay longer in this game. Always have the best weapon with you. The moment you are collecting the right or sufficient amount of

How to survive in Free Fire Battleground?

Surviving is what you need to do in this game so doing it perfectly is very important. Free fire Battleground is an online shooting game centering on MMORPG. You can play it on your android or ios devices and can also install it on your pc. Running and encountering is what you will be doing

A guide on the upgradation of Clash of Clans

Upgradation plays a major role in this strategic game. You have to prioritize the need for upgrading and it is quite tricky. So you need to know the basics properly. Before the town hall 6, you won’t be needing many strategies. During the early stage, you will easily move in the game as it processes