A guide on the upgradation of Clash of Clans

A guide on the upgradation of Clash of Clans

Upgradation plays a major role in this strategic game. You have to prioritize the need for upgrading and it is quite tricky. So you need to know the basics properly. Before the town hall 6, you won’t be needing many strategies. During the early stage, you will easily move in the game as it processes quickly. So this guide will help you if your town hall is level 6 to level 8. So let’s just look into the upgradation strategy.

Upgradation rules

Townhall: You should always leave the upgradation of the town hall till the last because an upgraded town hall will also attract raiders into your village. You need to upgrade the collectors to troops properly before upgrading town hall. The amount of loot which a raider can get will depend on the level of the town hall. So clans with low town level are less prone to attack and you cannot get much loot and lose more resources to the raiders. So upgrade the defenses before the town hall so that your troops can defend the village. People mainly focuses on the town hall and forgets the bases and troops and these villages are normally targeted.

Builder: You need to stagger the upgrades more. Avoid sending all the builder in building things that will take more than a week. So the entire week your resources are open to the raiders so instead of this you can upgrade small things which will upgrade faster so that you can build huge storage and prevent buildups. And moreover, if you get a lot of builders who gets free at the same time then you will have to spend more to give them more work.

Staggered Upgrades: when you will reach a high level all the upgrades will take longer time and you need to have builders every time. So you can use the traps which will help you in high levels for upgrading and building quickly.

Laboratory: It is a no-brainer when it comes to upgrading the laboratory. For getting updated troops you have to upgrade the laboratory. You need to make the spells and troops stronger through upgrades. So you have to upgrade the things which you mostly use and if you use the giant then upgrade them. But try to keep everything upgraded as the rebalancing patches and new strategies will arrive constantly so it is safe to be flexible when it comes to troops as they will make the battle easier.

Barracks: Always keep the barracks at a high level because if you fail in upgrading the troops then you can’t upgrade other things. Upgrading the barracks helps you in increasing the number of troops which you can train so it is very much useful. Similarly, your spell factory will need upgrades for unlocking the new spells. So upgradation will provide you with new spells which you can use during clan fights.

Elixir, gold and clash of clans cheats: Upgrading the elixir and gold mines will help you to produce moreĀ resources so that you can fight more and buy new troops. So keep these resource producing things upgraded in this game. The more you upgrade the more resources you will produce.

So the clash of clans is both single and multiplayer mode game. So for fighting the game with other clans, you need to stay upgraded and for that, you can also use the Clash of clans Cheats which are available on various websites. With every leveling up you will be benefited with new features which will help you to survive the game. When you will use the cheats make sure you’re not providing any personal details about you or your bank account.